Top Tips to Reduce Parenthood Costs


Parenthood is a time when expenses rise to pay for the needs of children. From those diapers during infancy to that new backpack each school year, parents pay large sums of money for their children. While many costs are not possible to reduce, such as required vaccinations or doctor visits, parents can find ways to cut back without giving up the necessities.

Think About Hand-me-downs:

Parents around the world have handed younger children clothing or items that the older siblings have outgrown. This idea saves parents money by limiting the number of outfits and items they need to purchase. Even if a baby is the first, asking friends or relatives to borrow or purchase clothes their children have outgrown can result in large savings when looking at childhood needs. This is also true of items like baby furniture that a child will only need for a year or so before moving onto a bed.

Borrowing from friends and family who have older children can cut many of the costs of parenthood, particularly during infancy and young childhood when children are growing at astoundingly quick rates.


Use Voucher/Freebie Sites:

Freebie sites are one of the best ways to save money as children are growing. Freebie sites provide coupon codes, rewards programs and free baby samples that parents can find useful in everyday life.

Freebies can range from a box of diapers to food samples and coupons for free food items at restaurants. The wide range of free items available are constantly updated on the websites and give parents a hassle-free method of saving a little extra cash while caring for children’s needs.

Depending on the website, the type of freebies offered will vary. Many websites offer coupon codes to use on the official site of a particular product while other websites will offer coupon print-offs for local stores or similar options.

Use Online Shopping Options:

Buying online through auctioning websites, discount stores or other online venders can result in large savings. Online shopping allows parents to compare prices with a click of the button and find that perfect item for a child without wasting time.

Auctioning websites are especially useful because many items like books, toys and even furniture are available at steep discounts with a little searching. Parents can save large sums of money with a little careful online spending.

Saving money as a parent is not simple. Children have numerous needs like food, clothing, shelter and toys. While the necessities can add up quickly, the use of freebie websites, online shopping and swapping or borrowing items with other parents can help save extra cash each year.

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  1. I second that you can save tons of money on clothes especially for young kids who do not have to have the brand name. I love the idea of recycling clothes. Use the clothes and then when you are done give them to some other mom who can use them. I also go to used clothes sale twice a year to fill the gaps.

  2. I have two kids and a husband that is self employed. Money is always very tight. I found this article very informative. Thank you so much.

    john lewis