Staying Connected: A Traveling Scrapbook for Kids

When I look back on my own childhood, I remember mostly moments of pure, unfettered elation, riding on bikes with friends around the neighborhood, playing backyard games of baseball, setting up a marginally profitable lemonade stand. All this was punctuated with few memories of incredible sadness, which hit a peak when my best friend moved away in second grade. Now that I have children of my own, I can understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to loved ones who, after years of closeness, must be forced hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other.  To help the transition, keeping in touch is key. And there’s no more fun way than to keep a traveling scrapbook. Here’s how it works:

1.      Buy a sturdy scrapbook that can be easily shipped in the mail.

It’s important to purchase a scrapbook that is sturdy and can stand some wear and tear. You’ll also want to buy one that can easily fit in a standard mail package, one that won’t become too heavy and pricey to send.

2.      Have your child decorate a full page from time to time with everything that is going on in his or her life.

While writing letters is to distant friends and family is fun, keeping a scrapbook gives a much more vivid insight into one another’s lives and allows for a more flexible creativity. Your child can draw pictures representing different events, glue photographs and other mementos, like tickets to different shows. The possibilities are practically endless.

3.      After a specified period of time, send it to the separated friend or family member.

Once the recipient receives the delightful scrapbook filled with all the latest news, she’ll do the same. It’s important to agree on a designated period of time to keep the scrapbook, so that no one ends up with the scrapbook for too long, slowing down the exchange process. My younger daughter and her older sibling who just went to college have agreed on one month. My daughter fills about a page a week, then sends it to her brother, who keeps it for a month, filling his four or so pages with everything going on in his life.

4.      Keep the chain going, and stay connected forever!

In my own experience with my daughter and son, they’ve kept traveling scrapbook s for well over three years, and they are just now starting their fourth book. The three books that have been filled are wonderful to look through for a trip down memory lane. They will be especially prized possessions when your children become older. If your child is keeping a traveling scrapbook with a friend who is unlikely to return, it’s really a fool-proof way of staying connected forever.

Although traveling scrapbooks take a little bit more effort than staying in touch with friends through Facebook, their emotional rewards years down the line are at least ten times greater. Although it may take some time to start one and stay consistent with it, your kids will likely enjoy it immensely.

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99

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  1. This is a great idea and I wished postage to Europe would not be as expensive as it is!