What I Should Have Said On My First Date


 **Pursuit Of Love**

At first glance of the image above everything that a woman doesn’t want me to brag about, I am pretty good at!

  • Fantasy Football…. Check! (#10)
  • Drinking Skills…. Check! (#9)
  • Sexual Prowess… Check!  (Just kidding) (#7)


1. Kitchen Skills

I obviously have to get a little better in the kitchen! Shoot! I don’t really mind cooking at all, but cooking for myself is not only annoying it really isn’t a cost benefit for me and is it really even healthier. I feel like I mastered the healthy fast food restaurant menu. Just to name a few…

Chipotle: Bowl and no rice

In and Out: Protein Style

Habit Grill: Hamburger, no bun


2. Family Bonds

Now this is probably the only one I think I have a solid foundation. I spend a lot of time with my family and have a good bond with them. I guess I should just talk about them for awhile next time on a date.


3. Academics

Now I don’t quite understand why this is one is higher rated than Career Victories? I went to Arizona State University which they are known for their partying. Telling people I went to ASU won’t really do it for me, especially since I haven’t gone into any graduate programs. I might leave this off the table conversation.


4. Weekend Adventures

I sure can talk about my weekend adventures but are they really wanting to hear about all the shenanigans I had last weekend?? I can’t really see a woman wanting to know that I got completely drunk and blacked out! haha Kidding kind of… Maybe this is more like, I flew in my private jet for a weekend getaway to Napa Valley?! Definitely didn’t happen. Or this could be about the woman wanting to know you are not a boring home body. I guess I am a little confused on exactly what a woman is looking for here.


5. Career Victories

I can definitely talk about what I do, that I started my own company but I almost feel like that is pretty boring to them, especially the company I started (document scanning company). This one is always brought up “so what do you do” and I am still trying to figure out exactly what I should say on this one.


6. Athletic Fitness

I have gotten more healthy the past year, my diet has changed the most. I do sometimes throw in what my diet has been over the past year and usually this goes no where. The woman is usually set on what they eat and then it becomes a touchy subject because then you are talking basically about their weight. Maybe not specifically but its being thought about. I can just see them thinking…

  • Does he think I am over weight?
  • Is he judging what I eat tonight?
  • Does he think he is better than me?

So I just basically touch on this subject and leave it immediately unless I can tell that they enjoy the conversation.


Is this what women really want to hear? If not what is it that women want to hear men brag about or talk about during the date? It always makes me wonder what is it exactly a woman looks for during the date.


 **Pursuit Of Love**



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