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9. How Many Fast Food Meals A Week Do You Allow?


Hallie:  Princess And The Pump

We try to keep it to one.


We have one night during the week when she needs to eat before gymnastics but we don’t time between school and gymnastics to get anywhere else…


When she was first diagnosed, we ate at fast food places A LOT.  That might seem really odd – but I’m thinking other parents of type 1 kids will understand…  When you are first learning to carb count… When you are first learning to dose insulin…  When you are first learning to give your child shots… It’s so overwhelming.  And guess what?  Fast food places have carb counts available.  In fact, McDonald’s has them on the wrappers!  That takes one step out of the equation.  It makes it a little bit easier.  When you first start this new, crazy life… cooking is a nightmare.  Going out to eat at a restaurant is horrid because you have to guess what’s in the food!  You have to guess the portion size (although some of us take our measuring cups and scales with us…).  And guessing is not good.  We need complete accuracy.  So we end up eating at fast food places.  Because the information is right there.


Sad but true.


Now we are much better and determining portion size.  We have memorized millions of carb counts.  We are just better at it.  Practice makes perfect, I guess.  Of course perfect never happens when you’re dealing with diabetes.  But it IS definitely easier.  So now we feel more comfortable eating places without carb counts on the wrappers!


Mandi Turner:  Cardons Children’s Hospital

1-2 (less is best)


Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids

We try not to eat fast food when possible. It’s pretty rare when we do eat fast food for a meal. Maybe we have it once every 2 weeks. But we don’t beat ourselves up over it. We try to eat healthy all the time so one not-so-healthy meal won’t hurt us.


Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids

Fast food isn’t even on our kids radar. They never ask, and we never offer. The only time we eat fast food is while on vacation. It’s not even that we forbid it, we just don’t even think about it.


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  1. wayyy to much. 2 or 3 times a week probably. some weeks less–but we do not allow anyone in our family to eat breaded deep fried things, so we like Subway and almost everywhere has a grilled chicken something. :)