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8. Is It Too Early To Start Worrying About Feeding Our Kids Simple Carbohydrates? Why or Why Not


Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids

It’s never too early. Simple carbs can be addicting. If we had white bread in the house, my kids would devour an entire loaf before lunch. We also avoid them because they aren’t satisfying. Eating simple carbs are easily digestible, spike blood sugars, and then drop them just as quickly. Complex carbs like brown rice, wheat bread, and oats can give a child energy, without giving blood sugar a roller coaster ride.


Hallie:  Princess And The Pump

Again, for us – we worry about simple carbs.  Simple carbs can send blood sugar to the moon!  We try to make sure that if she is eating something with simple carbs that she is also eating something containing some fat or protein to balance it out.


Mandi Turner:  Cardon Childrens Medical Center

It’s always important to encourage whole grains (at any age).  I’m okay with “Kid” foods as long as it’s in moderation.

There are many ways to modify “kid” foods to make them healthier!


Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids

In our family, we aren’t hung up on simple carbs or new fads that are emerging. We eat a balanced diet and always try to eat a variety of foods in moderation. After all, even water is toxic to you if you consume too much of it.



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  1. we only have brown rice , whole wheat bread etc in the house to cover the basics and allow for some snacking