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6. At What Age Do You Think It Is Time To Start Thinking About What Your Child Eats?


Hallie:  Princess And The Pump

It’s never too early.  My perspective on this is different from your average Mom…  Because we think about every. single. thing. that goes into her mouth.  We have to.  We count every. single. carbohydrate.


That means that we weigh her food.  It means we use measuring cups.  It means we count out grapes one by one.  And goldfish crackers, too!  Good times, let me tell you!


We have to think about not only how many carbohydrates a particular food contains but how that will interact with the other foods that she is eating.  Is there fat to slow the absorption?  Is it all simple carbs that will digest quickly?  Is it a banana?  Did you know that the carb count for a banana varies depending on how ripe it is?!?  The riper the banana, the more carbs.  Or at least the more insulin needed!


People living with diabetes know the effects that different food has on the body.  However, it varies from person to person.  For instance, Avery has no trouble eating a piece of pizza.  For many with diabetes, pizza is a nightmare to correctly dose insulin for.  She can eat thin crust pizza with no problem – but she can’t handle thick crust.  And marshmallows are pure evil!  They send her blood sugar sky high… no matter what we do!


There is no eating out of a chip bag for her.  There is no just grabbing something and snacking on it.  We must know everything she eats in order to give her insulin for that food to keep her blood sugar stable.


Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids

As soon as they start eating solid foods I think it’s necessary. There is so much advertising and exposure to so many unhealthy foods out there it can be overwhelming trying to keep your kids away from them. I think it’s important to teach them at an early age what is healthy eating. In our house, we stress healthy choices. At my daughter’s elementary school, they have a nutrition program for 1st and 5th graders that teaches them about reading labels and general nutrition. They also learn about the food groups and what a balanced diet is.


Mandi Turner:  Cardon Children’s Medical Center

During infancy, this is a time of rapid growth and brain development and the age in which solids are first introduced.


Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids

I wouldn’t concern myself with what a child eats till they are at least 1 years old.  Until then, most of a babies diet can be satisfied through breast milk or formula. Learning to eat new foods before that is just for learning sake.



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