Time Is Ticking

**Pursuit Of Love Series**


I recently got into a discussion with one of good friends about marriage, kids and all that good stuff. I know what you are thinking, do guys think about these things and talk with their friends about this stuff, answer is yes but not often! I am at that age where all your friends are either starting to get married or they all have serious significant others. And that got us thinking about the next years of my life and where I want to be relationship-wise.

Now my friend and I broke down what I envision and what it is realistic for the next 5 years….


For the next year or two I will have to find someone and date them. Now I believe I have gotten a little smarter on who I like and what I am looking for so I shouldn’t have to date them for an extended amount of time before hopefully knowing if it is going anywhere.



Now if I hit 29 and still nothing, this is where I might really lose it! I am kidding. I will be honest though I definitely want to find someone by this point in my life! If I do find someone and lets all cross our fingers for that, we (I caught myself putting “I” instead of “we”) would then have about a year of dating before I get down on one knee.



This puts myself around the age of 30 to 31 for being married, which I am perfectly fine with. This age range can be a total turning point, if I am not married and still single I just put myself around 35 years old to being married and having kids or even older!



We start having kids! Well at least trying I should say. Now if I am 32 years old when my child is 16 I will be 48, now luckily 50 is the new 40! This whole thinking is basically being determined because I don’t want to be 100 when my child is 16 years old!


Ultimately I want to find someone naturally and what I mean by that is I don’t want to be caught up always trying to be looking for Mrs. Right  but let it come more organically. I sometimes tend to think oh this one could be her right when I start dating someone and I have to realize I have to take a step back, not worry about that and just let it come naturally. Because I will tell you marriage scares me to death! That is a topic for another day :)


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