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2. Best Tricks And Tips On Getting Them To Eat Something They Don’t Like


Amy Roskelley: Super Healthy Kids

My best tip on getting my kids to eat something they don’t like is to make it taste good. It’s easy to pass up bitter broccoli, but roast the broccoli with some Parmesan cheese, and it tastes amazing! I decided if we learn how to prepare foods to taste good, it’s impossible for kids not to like them.


Mandi Turner: Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Sneak it in (mix similar colors) for example you can puree carrots and orange squash and mix them into macaroni and cheese.


 Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids

Sometimes I will sneak it into the recipe, i.e. pureed butternut squash in macaroni and cheese. Sometimes I just ignore the new food entirely and see if they will try it on their own. Sometimes we will offer them a treat after dinner if they try a new food.


Hallie: The Princess And the Pump

Hmmm…. We are lucky in that Avery is a child who is willing to try different things.  We ask her to take a “polite bite” of a new food.  If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t need to eat it.  We don’t force her to eat anything she does not like.

We are very aware of the emotional food issues that people living with diabetes have.  We do not want to get into a battle of wills over food.  When you live with diabetes, food is more than food.  It becomes something much more complicated.  We must count every carbohydrate that passes her lips.  She knows this – as well as the fact she must ALWAYS test her blood sugar before she eats.  Anything.  These kinds of things make a person’s relationship with food more tricky.  We try very hard to make eating about keeping your body healthy.




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