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1. What Are The 5 Foods You Try To Always Have Your Kids Eat?


Amy Roskelley:     Super Healthy Kids

Every day I try to get my kids to eat something from each food group. So on a typical day, I’ll encourage…

  • Eggs (for the protein)
  • Green Salad (for the veggies)
  • Apples (because we always have some and they like them)
  • Yogurt (for the dairy)
  • Whole Wheat Bread or brown rice (for the grains of course)


Mandi Turner:      Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Fresh fruit (2 different kinds and colors) examples: oranges and strawberries.

Fresh vegetables (2 different kinds and colors) examples: broccoli and carrots.

Whole grains – always ensure the label has the word “Whole” on it, otherwise it doesn’t count.  Whole grains mean it contains all three parts of the gain:

  • bran (fiber and mineral-rich outer shell)
  • germ (nutrient-rich core)
  • endosperm (starchy portion)


Check out the website www.dole.com  (food facts section) – gives specific nutrients in all the difference fruits and vegetables.


Hallie:     Princess And The Pump

We aim to have Avery eat a healthy, balanced diet.  This includes lots of fruits and vegetables.  Her cholesterol is elevated.  Her endocrinologist and dietician think it is due in part to type 1 diabetes as well as having a family history of high cholesterol.  They recommended that she eat more grains – as this was something that is somewhat lacking from her diet.  She does not like many grain choices.  She does, however like Cheerios!  And those are supposed to help reduce cholesterol so she is eating those!  We also encourage yogurt as a way to meet her dairy requirements and lean, unbreaded protein!

So my five are:

1) all fruits

2)  all veggies

3) Cheerios

4) yogurt

5) lean protein – like shredded chicken breast or turkey


Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids

  • Protein – either some type of meat or fish
  • Dairy – milk/cheese/cottage cheese/yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Healthy Snacks – granola bars, crackers, cheese sticks



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