A Worse Investment Than A Car

**Pursuit Of Love Series**

I have had many conversations about engagement rings from my parents to friends and even a girlfriend or two. Well me and my last ex we could not be further apart from what our beliefs were. And do you know how it is a worse investment than a car? It is when she doesn’t return the ring to you when you have a 50% chance of divorce. ( I know I am a little pessimistic about this whole ring thing)

The Best Marketing Campaign Ever

How much should the guy spend on the ring?? It obviously depends on how much you make. For the average male especially if we are only in our 20’s we are not usually making 6 figures. So what is the reasonable price for the average male to spend?? Everyone has heard the 3 month salary equation, especially me. Probably heard it from my ex at least 10 times when we were together. I have no idea where the heck the “3 months worth of salary” came from… Maybe from a jewelry company? (Quick tangent on this, after I wrote that last sentence I was actually curious to see where that originated. On the wikipedia page for engagement rings, it states that De Beers came up with the saying to increase sales, yes it is wikipedia but it does make sense.) If this is true, I need to find that marketing director from De Beers and hire him!!



Back to my ex, she was so focused on getting a $10,000 ring that she told me ” I am not settling for anything less than that”. Well first off I could not disagree anymore with her, and just the thought of spending $10,000 on a little ring that has NO barring on the marriage drives me a little crazy. I have never once heard a divorce couple say the reason they split was the ring was not big enough. How about spending $5000 and putting that other $5000 towards your kids college fund,  towards a down payment for a house, or even best yet, since everyone has credit card debt, pay down one of your credit cards. I feel like it just makes WAY too much sense to do something like this that is the reason no one does it!


My Plan

My plan is getting a ring I can afford at the time, if the ring is that important to her obviously I am not with the right person. I plan on building to the ring, if, I mean when we make it 5 years, add to it a little, 10 years, 15 and so on. Does it not make sense to keep adding to it the longer the marriage lasts?


All I do know is that I better get married fast because De Beers will change the 3 months salary to 6 months salary!

Also read the  history of the engagement ring….. The article is a little biased but still some great information!



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  1. beth markwalder says:

    I am so proud of You!! Any girl worth her salt should be wiiling to get engaged to a man that loves her ..not to a man that can “afford” her. Best wishes in your pusuit!

  2. It should NEVER be about how much the ring costs, that’s like putting a price on your relationship. Obviously your ex didn’t think that highly of it if she put a dollar cap on it, is that all she thought you guys were worth $10k? That’s cheaper than a used car :) My dad bought my mom a $300.00 engagement ring (ruby, not diamond) because that’s all he could afford, and she wore it for 20 years until the stones were literally falling off of it… My guy’s parents scrapped together $35.00 for gold bands and had them engraved with their wedding date, New Years Eve 1966, 45 years later…still no upgrade, they’re happy with their gold bands…that’s love not diamonds… I agree with Beth…you want a girl that loves you regardless of what you can give her…keep looking, you’ll find her!

  3. Thanks Beth and Megan for the support and your stories. It is always good to hear stories like that.