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Amy Roskelley   From Super Healthy Kids


As a mother to three kids, a graduate of health education, and a food blogger, I love to share recipes and ideas for feeding kids healthy food. Four years ago, when I began blogging about healthy ideas, my kids were picky eaters. They often complained about the food I made and hardly touched their vegetables at dinner. We decided to get serious about eating better and helping the kids to enjoy healthier foods so they would eat healthy food for themselves.


I developed the Healthy Habits plate to help teach my kids that if half their meal were made up of fruits and vegetables, then they’d be eating a balanced diet. We began experimenting with foods to make them taste good and to expand their palates. Now, my kids eat most foods we offer without complaining. It took four years of being consistent, and it was totally worth it.


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  1. This plate is a great idea, it gives the kids a visual idea about veggie portion size!