How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

Most of us mothers find ourselves yelling at our dear children simply because that is the only way they listen. But, after a while children learn to tune out all distracting noise, i.e. parental interference and continue pulling the cat’s tail. There are a few easy ideas for you to make a permanent change in your home. Let your neighbors scream their heads off and watch how your children listen.


Prepare Yourself

The greatest changes occur when we decide that this is not working, and look for an effective approach. Once you as the mother decides to tackle a parenting project with strength, your children’s opposition melt quickly. As the parent in the home you have the power to make real and lasting change if it comes from your inner strength. Real discipline works when it originates from strength and not from desperation.  Find a time when the distractions are a minimum. Pre-holidays, new baby, recent move, all these are not the best time to spring for a change. Find a period when you are not stressed and you have the requisite mental energy to devote to your children.


Teach Your Children To Answer To Their Name

I have often observed a parent calling their child ten times and the child continued their activity. I once watched a father call “Sam, Sam” over and over again while “Sam” blithely ignored him and went right on swinging. This is demeaning to a parent and there are no excuses for said behavior.  Before you call that name, put the following thought in your mind “I will only call my child once”. Then you request your child in a loud and clear voice and look up, expecting your child to appear. Nine times out of ten, if you wait, said child will come. If they don’t show, calmly walk over and tap your youngster and say “when Mom calls your name you say yes”. If you have a very young toddler you can practice saying yes to their name. This technique can be repeated as needed.  Once your children answer to their name at the first calling you can implement other ideas.

When A Child Doesn’t Listen

You have different options when your youngster simply says “No”! You can either decide this is not the time for a battle (grandparents are visiting) and make a mental note “to be tackled later”. If there are no pressing needs at that time and you decide that this is a great teaching moment, then take advantage of it.  Walk over to your child and either do the “hand over hand approach” or give a stern look and issue a consequence. “There will be no dinner until all blocks are in the basket”. Consequences should be logical and in relation to the wrongdoing. Punishing the entire family for one child is wrong and will backfire.

Make Your Home The Fun Place

All it takes to give your family a good time is some creativity and patience. When you want them involved in the cleaning, make it a game and watch them come begging. You can switch chores, make a race with the timer, and put on cleaning shows. The bagless canister vacuum cleaner is also a great tool for little guys who appreciate noise. Let them zip through the house on their train aka bagless canister vacuum cleaner and pick up stray junk from the carpet. Anything in your home can be transformed into a cleaning game.


I hope these parenting ideas I shared give you inspiration and make a difference in your home. Remember not everything may work for your family but can be the initiative for something better!

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  1. The part about yelling the name out repeatedly I often notice too. I try to avoid doing this not only with my child, but also with my dog. I doesn’t work for either…

  2. That is a good idea to teach your child to respond to you when you call them by name. I too have seen lots of parents calling their children over and over again, just to be ignored. This is not good for either parent or child.

    I used a lot of similar tactics with the children when they were really young as I do not with my dog, and they do work. Obviously children understand more than a dog, but you get the idea!

  3. Often times we see our children are watching TV, it is rather selit to call quietly, but we have to shout to hear their new

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  5. I believe now days children are not disciplined correctly. You think that yelling your kids’ name over and over again in a store is gonna get the job done. If you take the time to make sure that your children respond to you when you call them, all is solved. I believe that this can be blamed on our technology driven society.