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Welcome to our 2nd Healthathon and our 3rd “athon”. Tomorrow we will start introducing our 4 ladies that will be answering 10 questions we asked them. The 4 women all have a different slant on things but all have amazing opinions and insight into the world of Kids and Food! We will also be doing 4 giveaways starting November 7th!

Our Guests

Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids    11-2-11

Amy has been blogging since 2007 about healthy eating for her kids and just about everyone. She has an amazing blog that has endless amounts of tips to parents that need help getting their child to eat but also eat the right way.


Mandi Turner:   Cardon Children’s Medical Center    11-1-11

Mandi has been a dietitian at Cardon Children’s Medical Center and Banner Desert for than 7 years. Some of her duties include proving comprehensive nutrition assessments and develop appropriate nutrition care plans.


Hallie Addington: The Princess And The Pump    11-3-11

Hallie talks about what is it like to have a child (Sweatpea) with Type 1 Diabetes. Sweatpea was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 3 years old. Hallie will be talking about a different view point of food which maybe we all need to read about. I personally cannot wait to read her advice!


Dana Stannard:  Baby Blog Addict and Cocoa Kids    11-4-11

Our last guest includes one of our very own contributors to this blog. She is mother of 3 ranging from 8 to 2 years of age. She has been in the food and drink industry with her past job and will contribute her tips and advice for what she has done with her 3 kids.


 Kids and Food Questions

1. What are the 5 foods you try to always have your kids eat?     11-7-11

2. Best tricks and tips on getting them to eat something they don’t like.    11-8-11

3. How much sugar is too much sugar?   11-9-11

4. What does a typical breakfast look like for your kids? And why?   11-10-11

5. What would be your advice on healthy grocery shopping?    11-11-11

6. At what age do you think it is time to start thinking about what your child eats?  11-13-11

7. What are your thoughts on juices? Do you allow them?  11-14-11

8. Is it too early to start worrying about feeding our kids simple carbs? Why or why not   11-15-11

9. How many fast food meals a week do you allow?  11-16-11

10. What is your one healthy food recipe your kids can’t get enough of? And if you could share the recipe with us.  11-17-11

And Wrap-Up  11-18-11


1. Free Book: by What To    (Starts 11-4-11   Ends 11-11-11 at 12pm Arizona Time)

2. Kids Plate: by Super Healthy Kids     (Starts 11-10-11   Ends 11-15-11 at 12pm Arizona Time)

3. Canvas Picture: by Easy Canvas      (Starts 11-15-11  Ends 11-18-11 at 12pm Arizona Time)

4. TBD: by Baby Blog Addict  (Starts 11-18-11   Ends 11-22-11 at 12pm Arizona Time)


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