What Do I Do When A Woman Says…

**Pursuit Of Love Series**


You are walking into a trap! DON'T DO IT

You know in those movies when there is an army unit walking through a jungle and all of sudden they slam down 10 feet into a trap their enemy laid out for them? They know there is probably a trap somewhere but you just don’t exactly know when it is coming. Well women lay these same traps out for men, so lets take a look at them and please if anyone wants to give me advice on these please do so!


I Swear Nothing Is Wrong…

This one use to drive me absolutely insane until I realized I am just going to take their word for it and won’t worry about it. If they are mad they will come up to me when they are ready to rumble. With that being said nothing drives me more insane when I do this and ignore them and they are ready to talk and they are mad at me because I didn’t care enough! Yes this has happened and has happened multiple times. No win situation here! So what in the world should I do??

Oh No Go With Your Friends…

Here is another no win situation, so I go with my friends and I am miserable because I can’t stand knowing I am going to get reamed when I get home. Or I stay home with her, ditch my friends, but she is still mad just at the thought of you considering going out with your friends. So now I am miserable at home with my girlfriend. This doesn’t happen all the time and usually something comes up last minute with my friends. I am curious how I am suppose to work this one out.


It Is Totally Fine You Like Sports…

My favorite part about this one is I have probably heard from all my girlfriends this same thing “oh I like sports too”. Not quite like guys like sports, well not quite like how I like sports. I will admit I might have a little obsession with watching sports, and yes I know I am going to have to dial it down a notch or two. But I fall for it every time when my girlfriend tells me it is okay to watch sports. Then 3 months down the road I all of a sudden have a total ‘problem’ and need to stop watching as much. (Side note for women, October is one of the best months of sports of the year. There is NFL, College Football and the Baseball Playoffs… Just a heads up)


This last one is not necessary a statement but more of when she complains about her day or a person or something happening in her life. A man is a problem solver, we solve problems ladies! So our first instinct is to SHUT YOU UP! Totally kidding, but we want to help, we want to help solve that problem you are having. I am slowly realizing you women don’t want the help, you literally could care less about our advice. So what I am asking is what in the world do we do? Smile and nod? Act like we are listening? I would love to hear what to do on this one.


Do guys do this? Would love to hear those as well!

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  1. Advice from the Situation himself: When you go into battle, you need to have some friends with you so that just in case a grenade gets thrown at you, one of your buddies takes it first :)

    “I Swear Nothing is Wrong” = pay attention to me – girls are passive aggressive, which means if you have a feeling something is wrong, it probably is. It’s up to you whether you pursue the issue…but if she’s a “steamer” – meaning, she will stew about it until you “talk about it” do yourself a favor and take the hit ASAP, the less time she has to boil over the better…if on the other hand, she’s “ice cold” leave her alone and she’ll prob come talk to you about it when she’s ready.

    “Oh No, go with your friends” = 1) pay attention to me, or 2) Go with your friends – depends on the girl, but if you’re not sure which you’ve got, give her the benefit of the doubt, she might want to do her own thing too.

    “It’s totally fine you like sports” = 1) pay attention to me or 2) it’s totally fine you like sports – there’s really no mystery to this one, either you’re with a girl that is passively telling you she needs even more attention, or you with one who likes sports or at least knows that she should try and act interested in sports if she likes you. Just try to at least acknowledge her at half-time or the seventh inning stretch.

    AND…guys DO this too…some of my favorites:
    1) “I’m listening” = yet, 5 minutes later he starts talking/asking about what I just spent 20 minutes telling him about.

    2) “I’m super tired” = I’m not actually tired…I just don’t want to talk about or do what you’re asking me to.

    3) “she’s got a great personality” = too bad she’s ugly.

  2. Thanks Megan for your insight! It seems to me maybe my problem is not giving my girlfriends enough attention haha?? I will keep that in mind next time.

    I think “I am listening” is spot on! I will admit I do that quite often.

  3. Well…it could be that, but from reading your post I get the feeling you pick girls that are just too needy :)