Top 10 Tips to Take the Spook Out of Halloween Party Planning

As Halloween is fast approaching, let Safeway and debi lilly design™ arm you with affordable and convenient tricks and tips to design and create a chic haunted setting in your own home. With the tips below, you can take your traditional Halloween décor to the next level by mixing, matching and creating edible arrangements. Allow Safeway and debi lilly design™ to inspire you, while saving time and money!!

Easy to do on your own, or with the help of kids, these recipes and ideas are simple, scrumptious, and allow you to be a spooktastic and carefree holiday hostess on the scariest holiday of the year. Put a new spin on Trick-or-Treating, with five ingredients, max – it doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

First Stop, Décor

     1. Perfect for DIY Décor: Create a high-style artisan look with Safeway treats by filling debi lilly design™ Illusion Vases with Halloween colored candies and a debi lilly design™ Pumpkin Spice Scented Pillar Candle. Top the piece with your choice of themed masks, for a “pull apart” interactive, and edible, centerpiece.

     2. Instant Centerpiece Style: A great center, mantle or “porch piece” can be created simply by dropping a layer of colored Halloween candy into the vase (as a “base”) and topping it with a miniature pumpkin, carved or plain.

Second, Set the Bar

       3. Crafty Cocktails: Specialty cocktails, or mocktails for the wee guests, are always a party starter. Create a fun DIY self serve spiced cider bar by mixing spiced cider with cinnamon sticks, donut-hole stir sticks, dried fruit mix-ins and more.

Time to Eat

      4. Eye-popping, Room Temperature Buffet Menu: This can be prepared hours before the party starts allowing you to mix and mingle with all of your guests when they arrive. If you are having fun, so are your guests! Pull a big platter from your pantry and add Safeway veggies – baby carrots, sliced zucchini, and yogurt dip to create an effortless and healthy vegetable pumpkin your guests will enjoy.

     5. Edible Kids Crafts: Round up the kids, and have a hands-on afternoon cutting construction paper bats for cupcake toppers. Place them on a cake stand, which can be created by placing a plate on top of a debi lilly design™ Illusion Vase, to adorn the center of your buffet or dining tablet for an edible centerpiece.

     6. Kids Dessert Creations: Candy corn mini trifles are as easy to make as pie! In juice glasses, or canning jars, layer Safeway organic vanilla yogurt (tinted yellow and orange with food coloring), and top with a third layer of Safeway plain yogurt; add a tiny candy corn, tie-up with debi lilly design™ Satin Ribbon, and watch the kids gobble them down.

7. “Hoot” Owl Cookies: These use just three ingredients! Combine peanut butter cookie dough with M&M’s and raw almonds; roll cookie dough into a log, then slice into rounds. Place on a cookie sheet and with a fork press the feathered chin, and bake according to directions. Once removed from the oven, quickly place M&M’s and an almond on the cookie to create the perfect owl eyes and nose.

Crafts for All

      8. A Spooky Splash of Décor: Round up the backyard leaves (or neighborhood leaves, if you are a city dweller), and make sure to look for spooky shapes. Brush your selected spooky leaves with white paint, draw in eyes and a nose with a sharpie pen…and Boo!…instant ghastly ghosts you can hang anywhere.

       9. Pop This Recipe Right Up: At Safeway, we’ve learned that popcorn balls are always a crowd favorite, and the best part is only four ingredients are needed. Have fun with family and guests at the craft table over melted butter and marshmallows, popcorn and protein-packed trail mix. Melt the butter and marshmallows, pop your popcorn and mix it with your Safeway trail mix. Work the two mixtures together to create the perfect, fall-festive popcorn balls!

     10. A Spooky-Chic Creation: To create spooky-chic vases print holiday words or images onto cardstock, or have kids handwrite them on index cards. Place your spooky words into debi lilly design™ Illusion Vases, with a layer of colorful candy to act as a weight at the bottom of each vase. Three steps and spooky-chic is achieved!


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  1. I like the owl cookies,very adorable! I will try to make some, my son will definitely love it!