What Am I Thinking?!?!

**Pursuit Of Love Series**

Man Crisis

It is never a good sign when you fall for a girl that you only met 3 times, especially when she is about to move to another state. Is this is sign of things to come with my relationships? When I actually find a girl I somewhat like,  am I just going to fall for her? This was about 3 months ago and still haven’t felt that way with a girl. Now let me clarify, you usually get that feeling of yes this could work or no this definitely is not going to work within the first couple times of meeting them. And I got that feeling of yes, with that being said I obviously had no real clue to what she truly was like as a person.


Panic Sets In

My panic comes from the fact I usually don’t do this, remember I am all about lets take our time, there is no rush, we will date for 5 months before being exclusive. My mind frame now, I am ready to date you today! I look back and realize what in the world was I thinking! Is this me feeling the pressure of finding someone fast? I talked about going all in, two steps in, this was more like 5 steps in. Now the really scary part…. I met a girl about a month ago, went on a date with her, well I did know her before but very little. Again after that date I caught myself almost wanting to be with her (I’m shaking my head writing this), thoughts were going into my head like…

  • She could be the one
  • I could deal with her
  • She is really nice

Let me remind you ONE DATE! What was I thinking?!?!?!? Am I going through a 27 year old man crisis?! I am scaring myself writing all this and realizing YIKES, slowwww down…

I haven’t been on a serious date since……cross your fingers I don’t end up on one knee before the night ends!


Stay tuned next Thursday!


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