The One That Got Away

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The fish that got away

I would like to start off saying I don’t necessary believe in the whole ‘the one that got away’, I mean if it was meant to be it would have happened correct? Well that is what I at least tell myself every time I think about this whole situation…..


Freshman year of college is still up in my life as one of the best years of my life, the ups, the downs, the change, the partying, the fights, and oh yeah the studying! Freshman year I stayed in the dorms that year and that is where I met “TOTGA” (the one that…), she was literally right across from where I lived, I could take two steps and I was in her room. At the time she had a boyfriend but that did not stop me from at least becoming friends with her and ultimately really good friends. We had the same major so luckily for me she helped me a lot with my classes.  We spent a lot of time together, from the same classes to literally living right next door we grew as friends. She was smart, witty, funny, blonde and very good looking. And best yet LOVED baseball!


The Choice

That spring of freshman year she finally had it with her boyfriend and they were basically broken up. Things started escalating in our relationship and I was really starting to like her, three problems here…. One she just got out of a relationship, two she was going back to her home state for the summer and three I started seeing my ex Rachel (what a mistake).

I basically had a choice, should I go all in and pursue a girl that is leaving for the summer, probably not ready to date or should I go back with my ex Rachel?! Well you guessed it, I went with the ex. To make a long story short, I stayed with my ex for about 7 months more, TOTGA met her husband that fall of sophomore year and that was that. She got married about two years later and we really haven’t been in touch much since.


Time To Learn

To this day I look back at that moment and still wonder what if I went the other direction. I know I can’t look in the past and it is unproductive but I still do think about that from time to time. What I have to realize is that I have to learn from that, when I get that feeling about a woman, I need to go 2 feet in and not be afraid to fail or get hurt. This has been something I’ve done with my ex girlfriends. We date for about 3 months before we become exclusive and I know they can’t stand it and just want to have that commitment! I don’t exactly know why I do it but it could be fear. All I do know is I have to man up next time and not be AFRAID of commitment.


Stay tuned next Thursday!


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  1. I think everyone has a one that got away story, but you just have to remember it’s in the past, and it needs to stay there. Try to find the NEXT one, and forget about the one that got away

    Also wondering how much it would be to get a link in your sidebar, I have a diaper coupon site that I think would be a perfect fit! Email me and let me know.