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Use StudioPress , You Will Be Thanking Me Later

I have not been in the blogging world for to long but there is one thing that I tell every single person that asks me about how to get started and that is you need to use Studiopress to set your blog up! I am a little biased on this but I 100% believe in their product and it could not be simpler to use for beginners. What is amazing with the templates and the framework they use for wordpress is that you can constantly customize the template. The better at coding you get the more customization you will be able to do.


Change Is Always Good

Over the past year I have moved over 4 sites that I have been managing over to wordpress and then ultimately over to the genesis framework Studiopress uses. Not only do the stock templates look amazing, the back-end makes things so simple, that includes SEO into your site.

I Am A Believer

Brian Gardner is the creator of StudioPress and designs most of them. Now there are designers out there that will make customize sites for you but they cost a little bit of money to hire. To purchase a template it is around $80, if you want unlimited templates and support it is around $300. I can personally tell you that was the best purchase I have made in about a year!


Some Of Their Templates
















Go there right now and explore all the great templates that they have!

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  1. I am currently doing my own family blog and I am using Studiopress “Serenity Child Theme”. I am not yet expert of using it but I it has a tutorials also. Thanks for the added idea here.

  2. Their support is pretty amazing too! Every question I have ever asked has been answered or they have tried to help me through the problem. Amazing company for sure!