Am I Really That Unattractive

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To answer that question, I think I found out the hard way….

You Think Denver Has Cold Winters, Try Antarctica

About 6 months ago I tried going into the online dating world, I heard some good things about it and even one of my own family members had great success with it(she got married)! I thought to myself, I am a decent looking guy, I am active, how hard could this be. Well it was a lot harder than I thought!


I did my research and found, which seemed reasonably priced, real people were on it and I heard good recommendations from it.

Now first off I have nothing against people that do the online dating thing, nothing against it, for myself though I never thought I would have to do this and I was a little apprehensive about it but I was in a cold streak that you could only compare to the winters of Antarctica, real real cold! So I signed up, filled my profile out, and put my picture up. Now if you have never done online dating the picture is kind of like the last step, you are in it, people are going to see it and there is no turning back, I am officially a LOSER! I am semi kidding about that part, like I said I know tons of people that have done it and they are NOT losers!


It Can’t Be That Hard

I am all set up on now, have my profile, have the picture up and now it is time to search! This was actually one of best parts of the whole experience, endless women that are looking for a man that live in your area! I guess there are a lot of losers… kidding again! I was absolutely surprised on how many good looking women were on this site, it was pretty amazing, so I just had a field day. I would look at their profile, mention something about that in a message I would send to them. I thought okay, I would send something a little more personal to them because I am assuming there are just TONS of dudes on this site. The first week goes by nothing back, now I probably sent about 15 messages. Well I guess I have to write better messages, I slowly experimented with the messages I sent, changed the wording in my profile and put some more pictures up.


In the next 3 to 4 weeks I must have sent at least 50 to 100 messages, I got a total of 4 messages! Two of those messages were from people I didn’t send anything to and to be kind weren’t what I was looking for, the other 2 messages were replys back! Both of those were messages telling me I probably was not a good fit for them!!! Are you kidding me?!?! I just got rejected twice on! Now that is a super LOSER!


What I Would Like To Think

I believe I am a decent looking guy, active, and I am pretty smart. Thinking about this, my opinion of how I got to be a super loser is because there are probably an unlimited amount of dudes on this site, I would love to know what the guy vs. girl ratio is on this. The next thing is pictures are key on this site, I personally don’t think I am a great picture taker on top of that, I am not shredded with muscle, don’t have a six pack and I have skinny arms. This pretty much put me down in the bottom of the barrel.

I can tell you one thing, I will probably never do online dating again, it was a total disaster, embarrassing, and I was still stuck in the winter of Antarctica! Back to the bar scene….


Stay tuned next Thursday!

Pursuit Of Love Series

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