Celeb Baby Blog

What is our fascination with celebrities? And that only escalates when you throw in the word ‘baby’, we want to know

  • What their maturity clothes are
  • What products they are using
  • What their nursery looks like
  • What they name their baby (sometimes real weird names)

etc etc etc

These celebrities get paid $$$$$ for photos of their kids, and inside the life of their new born child. Why do they get paid so much… It is because of you and me and our total curiosity of their life! Well to make our obsession with these celebs a little more addictive I have gathered up some celeb baby blogs you have to read. Some of these are B list stars and some are D list starts but whatever the case we all are ADDICTED! (People.com swipe up all the celebs and put them on their site!)


Elisabeth Rohm’s Blog

Marla Sokoloff’s Blog

Niki Taylor’s Blog


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