Pursuit Of Love

On BBA we do/did have a Dad Diary and I wanted to personally add to that but I don’t have kids, I don’t have a wife, and that is how this has came to be. I have thought about writing a little series on my dating life for a little while now. One day it should end up resulting into a marriage and eventually kids. I am hoping to be writing this series for a while and I hope you have fun following my journey. Everything I say and talk about will

This is what I am looking for!

be the truth except for most of the names.

What This Is Going To Be

It is going to be a little bit about everything surrounding relationships as a single man(for right now), to funny stories that I have gotten myself into, and hopefully that will evolve to the girl that I date to the one I marry and eventually to the DAD DIARY! Every Friday I will be posting for this series.


I would first like to introduce myself to you, my name is Andrew and I am 27 years old. I am an entrepreneur at heart, I love thinking new ideas, and my brain is always going! Now my love life is quite interesting, it has been a roller coaster. I get myself into some interesting situations and I hope you can find some humor in all this. And I would love to hear feed back and sometimes I will be asking for advice. I will rub people the wrong way but that is life and I am not going to apologize for that. All hate mail please send to aszmuc20{at}yahoo.com! :) I am totally kidding, it shouldn’t be too bad…..


The Background Of My Love Life

 My First “Love”

I am about a year to two year type relationship guy, now me being only 27 could have somethings to do with that but I get bored and most likely I start boring them. I have had 3 serious relationships in the past. First would be, we will call her Rachel and yes probably the most attractive girlfriend I have had. We first started dating in high school and this lasted about 3 years on and off. Talk about a rocky relationship, we were both pretty immature, many fights about stupid stuff but I sure did like/love her.


The Pressure Girl

Next would be Erica, she was probably the most serious of my girlfriends, and we dated for about 2 years from 22-24ish. This was the girl that I knew in my back of my head I could not marry. The relationship got to a point where it was either take the next step orrrr end it. And we (she) ended it! Unfortunately it was during a Monday Night Football game when the Cardinals were finally on MNF….JK kind of. I am going to give a little advice to woman: guys HATE when you pressure us in relationships with that being said I will admit sometimes you need to but for the most part it is not a good thing.


What Was I Thinking Girl

And my 3rd.. Well this one was quite complicated, good, bad, and everything in between. Well I first met her through my work (yes I know this is not good and it was dumb) but we “secretly” dated for 2 months before she quit the job. We then become “official” or “exclusively” dating about 2 months after(now looking back this is a total mistake), so for a total of 4 months before we were a couple. Bad bad idea. She was younger at the time, 21 and I was 26, and at the time I thought she was mature, wow was I wrong! We (she) ended things about 7 months later and that was that. We will call her Stephanie.


I wanted to give a little background to those 3 relationships because they have shaped my point of view on relationships and I have slowly and I mean slowly have learned what I like and what I don’t like. I also will be going back to these three woman quite frequently so this will also be a reference. I am going to dig much deeper into each experience that have happened in those 3 relationships and also girls I have dated throughout my years. So please stay tuned because you will not want to miss this!

**Pursuit Of Love Series**

The Most Awkward Date Ever

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