Top 5 Health Sites and Blogs for Kids


This one is pretty obvious, tons and I mean a ton of information on the site. I love how it is organized into 3 simple sections on their homepage. One for parents, one for kids and one for teens. You could spends days on end reading great articles from this site.



Another great website with tons and tons of information on it. You can honestly spend and find so much information on this site you might leave it for hours!


3. Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Jaime Oliver is one of the leaders in changing the culture with food and especially for children. He has some really eye opening talks all across the internet. I really like his Milk Fact Sheet for schools, read it and pass it along!


4. Robb Wolf

This site might not be just for your kids but also for you. This site evolves around the Paleo diet, which I am big into right now. With that being said there is just a ton of information on it regarding food. He has a science background so it is not just all smoke he is blowing!


5. Super Healthy Kids

Amy has been posting since 2007, giving recipes and tips for how to keep your kid healthy with eating. An amazing blog that has a lot of great tips!


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  1. I like your article, and l read the blogs you suggest.It help me .thank you

  2. I am always looking for new blogs to read. Thanks for the article.