Omega 3 Fish Oil and Whey Protein For Kids and You

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Even though this is a sponsored post I 100% back up this company, which is Stronger Faster Healthier. We are now partnered up with them and we will be advertising their products. Since Baby Blog Addict is going in the direction of pregnancy, babies, children and their health we thought this would be a perfect time to partner with Stronger Faster Healthier. Below is an introduction into their company.


Who is Stronger Faster Healthier

To quote them “Natural Products Grounded in Science, NOT HYPE”. All their products are as natural as possible with a lot of integrity.



Omega 3 Fish Oil:

There are many articles out there that supports taking Omega 3 fish oil. Their Omega 3 SO3 is one the most potent fish oils out in the market! It comes in 5 flavors MINT, TANGERINE, VANILLA, LEMON and my personal favorite CHOCOLATE! It might sound a little weird but it truly is amazing taste!

For an in-depth look into OMEGA 3


Whey Protein:

They have 6 different whey proteins that are ultra clean that all have different reasons to take. They get their whey from grass-fed cows which to me is amazing quality to the company. For an in-depth look into their Whey Protein


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  1. I take fish oil for myself. I never thought about giving it to my kids. Thanks for he post.

  2. Debbie,

    This company’s fish oil comes in liquid form not pills and with some amazing flavors. My favorite is chocolate by far! I know it sounds a little weird but it really is good!