Our Family Story on Eating

About 6 months ago our family myself included started a new diet (I hate the word diet), how about we use the words “eating plan”. It is basically eating on the Paleo diet which in a simple explanation is a diet that includes foods that are not processed and that you could find when it was only the hunters and gatherers. Basically fruit, vegetables and meat. You are eliminating almost all carbohydrates. Now I still let myself one cheat day where I can eat anything I want, I mean you still have to splurge sometimes!


So how has it been going you might ask and the answer is AWESOME! My view on carbohydrates is completely changed, my view on food has completely changed and with all this my body has changed quite a bit. I have gone from 195 lbs to 172lbs, and more importantly my energy levels have gone up. I am rarely tired in the middle of day (still drink coffee) and that is something that I really wanted to change.


With all that being said what is the correct diet for kids? This is something that has been on my mind for a little while now, especially seeing 7 year olds over weight.


We will be holding another HEALTHATHON in the coming months on eating healthy regarding to kids. We will be getting some experts in the industry to see what their opinion is on the subject.


Until then we will be blogging about food and what our opinions are. We would love to hear from you and hear your story!

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