5 Tips to Make Your New Born Sleep

You’ve probably received congratulations on your new arrival along with quips from other parents about being welcome into the world of the sleep deprived. This is because most parents (except the really, really lucky ones), will have interrupted, irregular, and baby-dictated sleep.

The fact is that babies don’t come into this world knowing day from night or that nights are for sleeping. Try and see if any of the tips below will help baby settle into any sort of sleep routine to sleep for longer periods and in a more predictable pattern, because that will help you revert to the land of the well rested –

1.Keep the baby fresh and well fed

It is stating the obvious, that baby should be freshly changed, well fed and content when you want him to settle down for a longer duration. For this make sure that he is allowed to nurse at the breast for a longer period (so that the richer hind milk will keep him sated for longer). A clean dry diaper will last most of the night (6 hours is usually a fair bet) unless baby has a bowel movement, and will mean that there is no need for the interruption of changing baby which will wake up everyone.

2. Consider co sleeping

Increasingly, new research suggests that having the parent close by is reassuring for the baby who is more likely to go back to sleep by himself with this reassuring presence close by. Co sleeping is also far less disturbing for nighttime breast feeds, which can be accomplished with minimum interruption for baby or mommy’s sleepy time.

3. Choose a crib that swings

An old fashioned cradle or the sort of crib that swings can be easy to set up either in the baby’s nursery or close by the parents’ bed if you decide to co-sleep. If you find baby stirring in her sleep, if begin to get a bit fidgety you can simply rock the cradle a bit; the soothing motion. Also rocking the baby while holding him or sitting on a rocking chair is a great way to soothe the baby to sleep. In the alternative, to get baby in the mood for sleeping, carry him around in a sling or a baby carrier close to the body before settling down for the night.

4. Consider white noise

You don’t necessarily have to get one of that white noise CD or downloads from the internet (though many do swear by them).  Having some other constant noise in the background, such as the whirr of a fan or other machine, soft and soothing music playing can be of great help not only in making baby go to sleep but also to help her sleep for longer.

5. Establish a nighttime routine

Darken the room and establish a nighttime routine that precedes each bedtime. Though baby may take a while to catch on, the daily routine may create an expectation of sleep. Some quiet play or cuddle time, looking at and reading from a picture book (it may soon become baby’s favorite and may quickly form a sleepy time association) can all help soothe and lull a baby into sleep.


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