Top 10 Realizations In My First Two Months of Motherhood

Top 10 Realizations


  1. I learned a whole new meaning of love the moment after he was born and laying on my chest
  2. I didn’t expect my love for my husband to change in a whole new way too.
  3. I thought I took a lot of pictures before kids!
  4. Who ever knew getting woken up at 5am would be such a treat!
  5. I can live on a lot less sleep than I ever imagined.
  6. It’s true, nobody knows a baby like his mom.
  7. I’ve learned it’s ok to ask for help when you need it, and people are happy to do it!
  8. Who knew such vile smells could come from such a tiny body.
  9. I have a lot more patience than I’ve ever exercised before a baby.
  10. My baby really is the cutest ever!



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About Alison

I’m a working wife, about to become a mother for the first time. Career has always been number one in my life, but everything’s about to change. I look forward to sharing some survival tips for working moms in Corporate America as I stop with the 60 hour work weeks. Until then, I enjoy sharing my story about my pregnancy, and soon … life with a newborn!


  1. isn’t being a mother great? You’ll enter a whole new world when they start talking =)