Healthathon Spotlight 3: Abby Twyman



I’m very excited for this opportunity to participate in the HEALTHATHON on Baby Blog Addict. As a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) I play many roles: direct behavioral interventionist, parent trainer, staff trainer and lead writer/editor of the Autism Community website. Working with individuals with autism and their families is my life passion, but writing for and conversing with a worldwide audience allows me to interact with the whole autism community which is extremely fulfilling.

Our mission at the Autism Community is to provide useful information and resources to individuals with autism, family members and professionals involved with people with autism. We have a plethora of information about autism, special education, teaching communication, and extensive teaching resources for families and professionals. Additionally, we are striving to help members of the autism community get connected with the support and services they need via our Community Center.

Please visit our website for more information and to connect with us directly.

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