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Dr. Kari Miller

Miller Educational Excellence

Educational Therapy for Special Needs Students

If your child with autism, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities or other special need is suffering in school, falling behind, or giving up, you may have tried tutoring and found that your child did not make much progress.


Not many parents have heard about educational therapy and its power to bring out special needs students’ brilliance and change their lives.  Educational therapy is a specialized educational service that improves academic results for special needs students who have complicated learning issues.  Educational therapy has three important components:


  • Uses specialized programs and methods that help students improve the learning problems that are holding them back
  • Teaches skills and concepts using a student’s strong abilities while circumventing a child’s learning weaknesses; and
  • Focuses on defeating special needs students’ greatest foe—learned helplessness—the belief that they are stupid and can’t learn.


Dr. Miller’s Educational Excellence Approach goes beyond traditional tutoring to conquer the causes of continued learning difficulty experienced by students with special needs.


It’s important to identify students’ learning roadblocks, no matter what they are, and address them head-on. The methods and approaches utilized are richer than those used in traditional tutoring situations.


Educational therapy gives students on the autism spectrum the instruction they need in skills such as reading comprehension, understanding inferences, processing language, and improving their ability to comprehend and utilize visual information.  Instruction helps students who have specific learning disabilities and dyslexia improve their functioning in their areas of learning weakness, and students with ADHD and executive function difficulties learn the most effective study and organizational methods, including how to use techniques that increase their attention, their grasp of information, and their retention of material.


Students with special learning needs require the opportunity to practice skills in an atmosphere of assistance and patient guidance in order to make real, lasting changes. Students receive true support for growth though caring interactions targeted specifically at eliminating each student’s unique learning roadblocks.


The greatest asset successful students possess is the deeply held belief that they are strong students.  Without this certainty, students “hold back” from full participation in academic tasks.  They give school a half-hearted effort, they resist studying, and they develop a superficial understanding of concepts.


Educational therapy reaches students on a deep level to show them they can be successful. Dr. Miller shows special needs students how to draw on their gifts to succeed in school.  Students rekindle their belief in themselves.  They give more effort to school work.  As their confidence grows, their skills grow as well.


This cycle of success creates a platform from which students “play full out” in academics.  They study more, they give more focused, deliberate attention to tasks, and they produce work of higher quality.  Ultimately, students begin to believe they can achieve their dreams for the future, and their choices improve to meet the challenge of the lives they envision for themselves.


Dr. Miller approaches educational therapy from the standpoint of being a caring, supportive mentor convinced of each student’s ultimate success!  Students can change their lives in ways that defy all expectations, and Dr. Miller enjoys guiding that process as it unfolds!

Special Kid School Talk – Dr. Miller’s BlogTalkRadio show

Each show gives parents valuable strategies they can use to help children with special educational needs such as autism, ADD or ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities and emotional or social difficulties become academically successful. Call in during the show to get answers to your questions about educating special needs kids. The show airs the first Sunday of the month (except for major holidays) at 3:00 pm PST, 6:00 pm EST.


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Dr. Miller is a member of the board of directors of Foundation ThinkAgain

Foundation ThinkAgain is a non-profit agency that provides educational therapy and cognitive rehabilitation services to children who have survived cancer treatment.
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Dr. Miller is the LA Special Education Examiner

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Dr. Miller is a contributor to Parenting Special Needs Magazine

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Dr. Miller is a subject matter expert for

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Dr. Miller’s Bio:

Dr. Kari Miller is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Director of Miller Educational Excellence, an educational therapy center in Los Angeles.


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