What Would You Use The Easy Button For?

If you could create a remote to control your child, what kind of buttons would you add?  You know, if you could have an Easy Button for your child, what would you try to control?  My girlfriends and I were discussing this exact thing the other day.

My suggestion would be the “instant sleep” button.  Once pushed, your child would fall into an instant sleep.  There would be no repeated getting out of bed, no whining because of sheer exhaustion, no reading endless books or getting drinks of water.  Just sleep, sweet peaceful sleep.

One of my girlfriends suggested a mute button.  I really,really liked that one.   Particularly when my kids are fighting and screaming at each other.

Or what about a button that makes your kids try all the food on their plate, thus eliminating dinner-time drama.

How about one that zaps them when they get a bad attitude or talk back?  Or is that wrong?  I’ve certainly wanted to zap mine some days, lol.

What kids of buttons would you come up with? I’d love to hear your suggestions!  Leave me a comment.

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  1. I think the robot maid from the Jetsons would be nice. Sign me up for one Rosie.

  2. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  3. I would have to say I would have a safe from harm button. Where they are out of my sight I would push that button to make sure they are safe.;

  4. Our little guy is 9 months old. I wish we had a sleep button sometimes!

  5. My “Easy Button” would be device to slow down time! I love spending every waking moment with my lil’ one. She is 11 weeks now and I am returning to work at 12 weeks. I am so sad about this and trying to cherish every moment!