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I love being a Mom, which certainly goes with out saying, but at times it feels like I live in my laundry room. My son is a lively, rough-n-tumble little one whom has an extraordinary kinship with everything dirty. Shoes soaked from jumping in mud puddles and grass stained knees are more then a notion in my household. Dressing him for the days festivities presents a bit of a challenge because he is so active. Fearing irreparable stains, his closet was filled with wash and wear items which was fantastically convenient. Sadly though, khaki pants with a cotton shirt in some mess hiding blue or green were the go to items. Personality and vibrancy were a little lacking. During the occasional family gathering or party, which called for dressing up, I could be spotted following closely behind the toddler in the button up shirt and slacks. There had to be a better solution so I began seeking out pieces with the same wear-ability but offered more style and fun. That’s where 2bhipbabies came in. It’s a hub for cool, functional and funny baby clothes that
let parents relax.



T-shirts are a huge part of my casual everyday wear because they’re comfy, convenient and can be really fashionable. So I was thrilled to find a nice variety of quality baby tees and onesies for my son. There were a ton of options ranging from chuckle worthy slogans, to super hero designs and even rock band tees. I didn’t totally abandon button ups but now we had cool, also easy to care for shirts for regular outings or just lounging around the house. As is routine, I still throw everything splattered with mystery material x in the washer machine. Even better I didn’t have to be the stain police. Not for one second do I miss the 10-15 minutes spent hand scrubbing strawberry stains out of his polo shirt. We settled on a few favorites, like the Does My Diaper Make My Butt Look Fat romper and later the; I Still Live With My Parents t shirt by David and Goliath. We’re also big fans of classic rock, so it was great to find some licensed Led Zeppelin and Grateful Dead t shirts to throw into the mix.


Ultimately I’ve been able to ditch the drab and wrap the my little man in clothes that scream cute, have personality but are more Mom friendly and less restricting. Great! Now I can spend the time saved obsessing about something else for a change.



About Kimberly Smith

As a working Mom of two I’ve found that
simplicity is everything. With a career in a busy marketing industry, there are always mounting challenges and intricate details to manage, so balance this off by consciously simplify the other facets of my daily routine. Investing in no fuss clothing is one way I carry out this principle which added some freedoms for the kids and I. Besides messes are just a way of life when you have children, right?



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