Quadathon Question 10 & 11: Advice About Marriage

10. We love funny stories, any good ones in the past two years?

Casey:  Gerwer Quads

Funny now, but not funny then, yes probably. Drawing a blank. At one point my kids realized that our chair upstairs spun around, kind of like the one they love to TRY to play on at the doctor’s office. They decided it would be funny to take turns spinning each other on it and then getting down and not being able to walk. They would laugh so hard they had hiccups. While my first reaction was “wait, let’s not do that, someone is going to puke or bang straight into a wall”, my second reaction was “it is pretty hilarious to watch though, let’s just see how this plays out”.

Gen:  McNulty Quads

LOL! Oh yes! Too many to tell. When the kiddos where little they were into everything and always giving me good stories to tell. Now that they are older the things that come out of their mouths keep us laughing all day long. I can’t think of anything too exciting right this second, but the blog is FILLED with funny moments.

Jennifer:  4tunate

Everyday seems like a blooper reel with our family.  You never know what’s going to come out of their mouths or what stunt they’ll pull next! Sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying!

Recently, my second born Brooks was convinced I didn’t have “a bottom where stinky comes out” because he saw me getting ready in the morning with a long torso skin colored tank that covered my back side. He was genuinely concerned about my missing body part.

Suzanne: Steece’s Pieces

Ummm…the most recent “adventure” in the Steece household would be my darling daughter and her new nickname: “savi scissor-hands”. she apparently thinks that she is pretty good at cutting hair—-seeing as how i caught her giving herself and two of her brothers a new do (picture, a buzz cut to the scalp!). This story is a must-read for a good laugh. Go ahead—feel free to laugh at my expense. I am raising a little diva. God help me.




11. What piece of advice would you give that helped keep your marriage going in the right direction?

Casey:  Gerwer Quads

MAKE TIME TOGETHER. Most people say, well we don’t have time to be romantic, to have a date night. FIND IT! Whether its 8pm on a Tuesday night and you just got the kids down, your covered in sweat and part of their entire menu for the day, you dust yourself off and make the most out of those 3 hours before you go to bed. Sure the laundry needs to be done but really, if the kid’s clothes get a little wrinkly sitting in the dryer for just one more night, nothing bad will happen. They already fight you on what they wear so what does it matter? Make dinner together. Sick of cooking? Heat up a pizza together. Eat it with OUT the TV on and open a bottle of wine. Fancy, right? Maybe not but just what y’all need. My husband and I struggled with making time for ourselves the first 18 months, thought we had a built in excuse and didn’t need to try. It’s actually the opposite. Because of the built in excuse of 4 kids that stress us to the max, we needed each other more than. We needed us to be the best us we could be. So even today, I may be tripping over toys to get to the kitchen and he may have a bruise on his head from banging his head against the wall at work, we make it happen. Left over pizza and the “wine of the week” at the grocery store, yes please!

Gen:  McNulty Quads

Never forget that before the kids, it was just the two of you. When they leave the nest… it’s just gonna be the two of you! Make time for each other, talk, laugh, play, and always put your marriage first, the rest will work itself out. Also, having a close group of friends, living a similar life, helps in more ways than I could ever explain.

Jennifer:  4tunate

Continue to date your husband.  Take and make opportunities to get away from the craziness of life. If you have an opportunity to get away together for more than 24 hours – go for it!  It will do wonders to refresh and renew your love and commitment for one another.

Continue to work at loving each other. Marriage takes hard work, which I didn’t realize before kids.  Focusing your energy on meeting someone else’s needs is difficult when your entire day has consisted of being needed. Find a quiet time in every day to reconnect and communicate. Don’t forget to verbally encourage one another and confirm your commitment to the marriage.

Pray together and have others pray specifically for your marriage!

Suzanne: Steece’s Pieces

I’ve said this before—it’s my number one piece of advice: go into your pregnancy with the mind-set that you are bringing your child/children into your firmly established family. Do NOT center your lives around your children. Focus on your marriage. Spend time together. Make sure that your kiddos see you and your husband making time for each other and loving each other. Get friends/family/babysitters to watch the kids AT LEAST once a month- just to get out of the house and be “just the 2 of us” again. It is so easy to get exhausted with the busy-ness of life that you lose track of each other…so; it’s something to really put at the top of your priority list. The absolute best gift you could ever give your children is to have a strong, loving, supporting marriage.


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