Quadathon Question 4: How To Calm The Storm Down


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4. When it gets to be “crazy” in your house, what is the one thing you do to calm down?

Casey:  Gerwer Quads

Hide…Just kidding… kind of. When it gets crazy I walk downstairs, walk in my room and sit on the edge of my bed and breathe for just a moment. The kids are safe upstairs and even a minute of almost silence is crucial for your sanity at those times. Mom’s need a time out too. Shoot, I wish someone would send me to my room and tell me not to come out till I was ready to be nice! Also, when the fighting has reached the point that even my dogs are crying, I turn on music. Any type of music. I turn on kids stuff, I turn on pop music. My kids can really rock out to some modern day pop music. That seems to calm them for a bit. At the point you need to calm down, just find what works for you and know it’s a tool that will be used more than once!


Gen:  McNulty Quads

I sit down with my kids and read a book. They LOVE to be read to and it’s one way I can get them to calm down and sit still. If I’m the one going crazy, sometimes I’ll lock myself in the bathroom and count to 50 while the kids bang on the door. Motherhood is so glamorous.


Jennifer:  4tunate

Pray! I don’t do it often enough, but it’s how I put things into perspective and focus on thankfulness.


Suzanne: Steece’s Pieces

Crazy? Our house? Nooooooo. Never. ;)

Some days, the second Joe walks through that door- i throw him the peace sign and head out. He is an amazing father and such a great team player. We are in this together and we always make sure that we each get time outside of the house- especially when we get super stressed. One night, i might go out with my girls, and the next night he gets to go out with his boys. We take turns and it saves our sanity. I have also been known to lock myself in my room for a couple of minutes—just to gather my thoughts, pray, cool down, whatever. ;)


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  1. KS Dallas says:

    Sometimes just giving the kids a small snack or treat helps, too. It gets them to settle down for a few minutes so mom can catch her breath.