Quadathon Question 3: Financial Advice


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3. What is one piece of financial advice (or a tip) you would give to parents that have twins or more?

Casey:  Gerwer Quads

The obvious things come to mind… clip coupons, sell your baby stuff to resale, don’t get take out as much… but y’all already probably know those things. I would just really say know going into it that your financial situation WILL change. Even if you are still working and you make great money, kids take a BIG chunk out of your piggy bank, let alone multiple kids at one time.

I wish I could tell you “hey when all those babies come out, they also pull out a bag of money in there too for all your hard work”. As much as I wish it was true for money reasons and as part of why I gained 71 lbs while pregnant, it’s not. Should be though!


Gen:  McNulty Quads

Be a team. Be on the same page. Sit down once a week to talk about your budget, common goals, etc. It will not only help your bank account but your marriage as well.


Jennifer:  4tunate

Sales, coupons, buy used, etc! Its work to save money, but it’s an awesome financial contribution to your family! Also, it’s true that the best things in life are FREE! We love frequenting free events and activities in our area.


Suzanne: Steece’s Pieces

When you are pregnant, sign up for AFLAC’s hospital indemnity plan AND intensive care plan. We received checks in the mail, just for my hospital bedrest, and for the quads’ NICU time. It helped out SOOOO much. One of my quad mom friends passed that information along to me when i was pregnant and it was pure gold.


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  1. KS Dallas says:

    Money is always an issue with kids and the older they get – the more everything seems to cost. When I was pregnant – I hit garage sales every weekend and found a lot of items that looked brand new. Especially infant clothes because they out grow them so fast. I also do a lot of online shopping so I can price compare.