GIVEAWAY: A 12×12 Shadow Box

******THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED: The contest will end 4-6-11, 12pm Arizona******


































Julia won the 12×12 Shadow Box!


******To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below. We will pick a winner using a random number generator. In your comment, leave a way for us to contact you (e-mail, blog, twitter, etc.). The contest will end 4-6-11, 12pm Arizona******

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  1. Those are really neat. I’d love to have one. My name is Julia. Hope I get one!

  2. I would LOVE to win a shadowbox, I created one from memorabilia from our wedding almost 13 years ago, but haven’t since, it would be wonderful to create something with my three kids in mind. I hope I win! Thanks for letting me know about this fantastic giveaway! They look awesome!


  3. Crystal Eger says:

    What a great idea. Saves busy moms some time.

  4. Ashton Beaver says:

    These are really neat! I would love to have one.
    – Ashton Beavver

  5. Kim Murray says:

    I just love shadow boxes. I have a couple and like how they look. These are beautiful. Checking out the site shortly.

  6. KS Dallas says:

    They are absolutely beautiful! What a great way to capture the magic of a special event.