SPOTLIGHT 4: Steece’s Pieces

Who Are They:

August 1st 2007 4 babies arrived to this earth by Suzanne and Joe Steece. Their quads are now 3 years and 7 months old. Suzanne is a registered nurse in the Surgery and Recovery Department. That all changed when Suzanne and Joe had their babies. Read how it all started here.

Their Website:

Steece’s Pieces



























My Answers to the Quadathon Q & A

From when your kids were born to now, what age was the most tough and why?

Hahaha, funny question—because at the moment, i would definitely say THIS AGE! (3.5yrs). the attitudes, the fighting, the temper tantrums…holy COW! lol. The beginning was very physically demanding with bottle feeds every 3 hrs. I can take the “busy work” with no sleep, you kinda just fight through it like a machine. But the hardest part about this age is how mentally challenging it is. The children are learning to be independent little people…very opinionated, independent little people and some days it just wears me out! ;) But the conversations that you can now have with them are priceless. They make me laugh every day.



For a mother that has twins or more, what is your 3 pieces of advice you would have to share with them?

Well, for any parent really:

1. Focus on your marriage first and foremost…understand that you are bringing children into YOUR, already established family. Don’t center your lives around your children or you will wake up one day, 18 years later, when your kids have moved out of the house and look at your partner and say, “who are you? Have we met?” lol.

2. Find a support system of other women who are going through the same situation. I don’t know what i would do without my other quad mom best friends. We laugh together, cry together, vent together….we can completely relate to what each other are going through and it is so incredibly refreshing.

3. Laugh. When you want to cry and can’t think of anything that would make the day worse than it already is…find something to laugh about. Don’t take yourself or life so seriously. Sure we are all gonna mess up at times, we are human….but try to maintain a positive attitude, laugh at the ridiculous situations, and don’t sweat the small stuff! ;)



What is one piece of financial advice (or a tip) you would give to parents that have twins or more?

When you are pregnant, sign up for AFLAC’s hospital indemnity plan AND intensive care plan. We received checks in the mail, just for my hospital bedrest, and for the quads’ NICU time. It helped out SOOOO much. One of my quad mom friends passed that information along to me when i was pregnant and it was pure gold.



When it gets to be “crazy” in your house, what is the one thing you do to calm down?

Crazy? Our house? Nooooooo. Never. ;)

Some days, the second Joe walks through that door- i throw him the peace sign and head out. He is an amazing father and such a great team player. We are in this together and we always make sure that we each get time outside of the house- especially when we get super stressed. One night, i might go out with my girls, and the next night he gets to go out with his boys. We take turns and it saves our sanity. I have also been known to lock myself in my room for a couple of minutes—just to gather my thoughts, pray, cool down, whatever. ;)



Has your blog helped you relieve some of the stress that has come with raising 4 kids? If so how?

Absolutely! My blog has always been my online personal journal. I write for myself and for my family—so we will have something to look back on one day. It also helps me to be able to laugh about the ridiculous situations (Sav cutting her and her brothers’ hair; locking my kids in the car; flat tires with crawling quads, etc). I love it when others can laugh right along with me. Also, if i have a question about something, i can ask my amazing bloggie buddies and will have tons of advice within hours. It is amazing. We have met some of our life long best friends (and quad parents) through blogging- which is truly a blessing from God. They are a main source of stress relief to me on a daily basis.


If there was one thing you wish you knew at the beginning of blogging, what would it be?

Hmmm, that’s a tough question. Not sure if I have an answer for you.


What does the future look for you and your blog? Are you going to keep blogging?

I will always keep blogging- again, it’s my journal and a great way for the grandparents to see their grandquads. Now, that’s not to say that i have definitely tossed around the idea of making it private at times…but i always come back to the fact that God can use our experience and our words to reach others who are going through a similar situation. When i was pregnant, finding these other quad blogs is a huge part of what got me through and gave me hope. To be able to pass that hope along to others is greater than any need for personal privacy.


Have you thought about having more kids?

When the kids were 6 months old, Joe had a vasectomy. Definitely no more biological children for the Steeces ;) but as we went through our long and painful journey of infertility, Joe and I had been open to the possibility of adoption. That is still something that is on our hearts and if the opportunity presents itself, we would not be opposed to the blessing of adoption.


Has it become more or less as tough as your children have grown older? Why?

Hahaha. See question number 1



We love funny stories, any good ones in the past two years?

Ummm…the most recent “adventure” in the Steece household would be my darling daughter and her new nickname: “savi scissor-hands”. she apparently thinks that she is pretty good at cutting hair—-seeing as how i caught her giving herself and two of her brothers a new do (picture, a buzz cut to the scalp!). This story is a must-read for a good laugh. Go ahead—feel free to laugh at my expense. I am raising a little diva. God help me.


What piece of advice would you give that helped keep your marriage going in the right direction?

I’ve said this before—it’s my number one piece of advice: go into your pregnancy with the mind-set that you are bringing your child/children into your firmly established family. Do NOT center your lives around your children. Focus on your marriage. Spend time together. Make sure that your kiddos see you and your husband making time for each other and loving each other. Get friends/family/babysitters to watch the kids AT LEAST once a month- just to get out of the house and be “just the 2 of us” again. It is so easy to get exhausted with the busy-ness of life that you lose track of each other…so; it’s something to really put at the top of your priority list. The absolute best gift you could ever give your children is to have a strong, loving, supporting marriage.



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