SPOTLIGHT 3: 4Tunate

Who They Are:

Before she became the “Quatro Mama”  Jennifer was, well, “just” Jennifer. However, in February of 2007 that all changed. Now the mother of four boys, Jennifer spends her free time blogging about “The Crew’s” adventures, sharing her photography, reflecting on her faith, reviewing things she loves, and everything in between. Originally started as a way to keep her friends and family updated during her pregnancy, her blog has multiplied (dare we say, quadrupled?) into a fun, insightful, humorous, and heartwarming chronicle of her family’s life and an amazing resource for anyone who has children, is expecting children (multiples or otherwise), and for anyone else who enjoys a good read.

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Quadathon Q&A 2011

Question1: The Toughest Year

Question 2:   Pieces of Advice

Question 3: Financial Advice

Question 4: How To Calm the Storm Down

Question 5: Is Your Blog A Stress Reliever

Question 8& 9: More Kids?

Question 10 & 11: Advice About Marriage


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A 12×12 Shadow Box, by Alison Pritchett


A Decorative Pillow by Whistle and Wink

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