SPOTLIGHT 2: The Gerwer Quads

Who They Are:

Casey and Robbie Gerwer were married in 2003. In August of 2007 they discovered their family was about to get bigger… A LOT bigger! 5 months later (after 29 weeks of pregnancy) Casey delivered two baby boys and two baby girls. Since then she has devoted her sparse spare moments to sharing her experience with the world. Every parent knows that raising a child can be a handful- or in this case FOUR handfuls! However, she and Robbie have learned to juggle (no pun intended) their professional lives with the raising of their quads.

Their Website:

The Gerwer Quads

Designed For Babies: Casey’s Online Store


“It took me about .0078 seconds to respond with NOOOOOOOOOOO”

-Whether or not they have thought about wanting more kids


Stay tuned for the full explanation in the Q&A from all 4 quad moms!



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Quadathon Giveaway:

A 12×12 Shadow Box, by Alison Pritchett


A Decorative Pillow by Whistle and Wink

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Whistle and Wink Website



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