SPOTLIGHT 1: The McNulty Quads

Who They Are:

Gen and Conor married in July of 2003. Three years later they were proud parents of quadruplets. Gen now blogs about the challenges, antics, special moments, and, most importantly, the joys of raising  three girls and one boy! She has spent the last five and half years chronicling her and her family’s journey- sharing tips, anecdotes, and lots of pictures along the way. How she gets four young children to pose simultaneously for the camera is beyond us!


Their Website:

Quadville: The McNulty Quads



” Don’t ever lose your sense of humor”

– Advice for mothers with twins or more



3rd Birthday

Quadathon Q&A 2011

Question1: The Toughest Year

Question 2:   Pieces of Advice

Question 3: Financial Advice

Question 4: How To Calm the Storm Down

Question 5: Is Your Blog A Stress Reliever

Question 8& 9: More Kids?

Question 10 & 11: Advice About Marriage


Quadathon Giveaway:

A 12×12 Shadow Box, by Alison Pritchett


A Decorative Pillow by Whistle and Wink

Go to the link and all you have to do is comment on the post to be entered into the drawing!

Whistle and Wink Website



Gerwer Quads

Quatro Mama: 4Tunate

Steece’s Pieces


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