The Escape Artist

My third child, my second daughter.  I thought by the time you reached the third kid, things were supposed to be a breeze.  As in an “Easy” child.  Hahahaha (insert crazy laughter here).  I love her with all my heart but she is a complete and total mess.  She is always running after her older sister and brother, her hair is always falling out of her bows and ponytails and into her face, and she never quite knows what to do with herself.   Except when she is in clothes…..

She is a total escape artist when it comes to wearing clothes.  At first it started with shoes and socks in the car.  Then she moved up to pulling off her pants and walking around in just her diaper and shirt.  Then she figured out how to remove the shirt too.  And lastly, there was the diaper.  Obviously, we try to prevent the diaper removal as much as possible, for obvious reasons. EEEW!

Her latest thing is pajamas.  She loves to be naked and I guess that in the mornings she was just a little too bored waiting for me to come and get her up.   At first it started with the zipper on her long-sleeve, footie pajamas.  Next she started to undo the zipper to her ankle and remove her diaper inside her pajamas.  Quite talented.  And then it really ramped up. …full removal of pajamas.  Stark naked and SO proud of herself when I would walk in to her room.

Until Monday.  As I opened the door, the smell hit me first.  I took one look at her in her crib and yelled for my husband.  She had once again removed her diaper but this time it wasn’t quite so neat.  There were….it has to be said….poop pellets, all over her crib and herself.   GROSS!!!!!!!!!  Just what I wanted to wake up to.  It was in her crib, under her fingernails, on the bottom of her feet, all over her special blankie, everywhere.   We cleaned her up, threw everything in the washing machine and sent her on her merry way.  Until the next time…..

I hope your mess will be as easy to clean up as mine will.   As parents, we all have one of these episodes at one time or another!  Good luck with your little escape artist.

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