GoGo Kabongo Learning Games for Kids Teach Important Skills for Reading

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Kabongo’s learning games for kids are designed to stimulate young minds and improve their reading skills, while at the same time providing children with a variety of fun activities they’ll enjoy playing.  These online educational kid’s games are unique because they have been designed using cognitive development research and were created by a cognitive psychologist.  This allows them to target specific skills that boost brain power and can help a child learn to read with confidence.


There are many cognitive skills that are vital to reading, some of which include: memory skills, processing, planning, attention and focus, comprehension and visualization to name a few.  All the different learning games for kids at GoGo Kabongo are focused on capturing a child’s interest and imagination, all the while targeting some of the aforementioned key skills.  For instance, in the “Laughter Lake” habitat, the game “Going Buggy” involves kids listening to a story and requires them to recreate the scene.  The object is to place images into the scene to make a picture that matches what they have heard.   The main skills this game teaches include visualization, comprehension and simultaneous processing.


Children are invited to enjoy three different games in each of the habitats Go Go Kabongo offers.  What’s more, is each of these learning games for kids has six levels to keep kids constantly challenged, allowing them to continuously learn, improve and build confidence in their abilities at their own pace.

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