MomPRENEUR: Business Ideas and Motivation

Before I go into my list and major thoughts I want to share my view on the ground work of business……

You have that itch, you are getting that “gut” feeling so what is stopping you from opening a business?? Well if you don’t have that exact idea of a business well I am here for you to get those creative juices flowing.

What is it that drives you, what are your current skills, and most importantly what is it that you actually LOVE doing?!?!?! You hear it all the time, “find what you love to do”, anyone that would tell me that, it would go in one ear and out the other. I was always interested in the money. To this day I am still trying to find exactly what I “LOVE” to do. If you can find that, and leverage it with a business, I am telling you right now you will be successful. Why you might ask…. Well you find a way to make it work! Bottom line, if you love it enough you will devote hours upon hours into finding that success. It might not even be your original idea, it might be a spin off of your beginning idea, but you will find it and succeed.

With all that being said I am going to give two lists, my first list is what I see every mom have on the internet. And I mean everywhere on the internet. My 2nd list will be the FUTURE LIST(which will be coming in a later post)!!

1. Photography

2. Crafts

3. Blog

4. Boutiques

5. Games

6. Books

7. Bedding

You get the point, I could go on and on….

The FUTURE LIST, now before I give you the list (which will be becoming soon) that will get your mind doing cartwheels I want to explain somethings. First off lets think about this, the internet, everybody and I mean everybody is the on the internet now. Soon enough people will have their own websites. It is becoming easier and easier to do that, so what I am getting at, YOU HAVE TO DISTINGUISH YOURSELF! What makes you different, what makes your business different.

Think about the future, blogs started getting big around 2000. Videos started getting big in 2007ish. Podcasts are beginning to become a lot bigger and popular. What I am trying to get at is the fact the internet will be changing all the time, we are still in its infancy. You don’t have to go out and invent something, go out and improve on something that has just come out. For instance Facebook was not the first social site, they just started in a niche area that was a great product.

Which transitions me to my last point, the NICHE! What is your NICHE? Just like Facebook, they started with only Harvard students using it. Then only college, then community college, then high school, and now EVERYONE. Find your niche, and become great at it and of course LOVE it.

  • Find what you LOVE
  • Find that NICHE in that area

Stay Tuned for the FUTURES LIST

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