Mommy Track: Not Always What You Expect

I just stumbled upon an article the NY Times wrote about a woman that got fired for basically getting pregnant. You can read it here. You would think companies have gotten past discrimination, it is 2011 (actually happened in 2009-2010). The company was Goldman Sachs and according to the article they basically take your mind and soul when you work there. That for sure doesn’t sound like something I would like to be in, especially when you have to interview 36 times before you get the job.

The first question that pops into my head when I read something like this is “do they know this is 2011!” apparently they do not. What makes this all right to do? If companies started thinking about their employees a little more, that being woman and men, maybe the quality of work would go up. They would want to go above and beyond, and maybe that woman would have gone above and beyond if she knew they actually truly cared about her pregnancy and her family.  The bottom line for companies is money, but is it really? Companies like Zappos and Barry-Wehmiller are a couple companies figuring this out. They see the employee as part of the company, almost as a shareholder. They believe if the life of that employee is great outside the company it will translate into the company and vice-verse. And what is the result….. Lots of REVENUE!

Will Goldman Sachs “GET IT”, I hope so because they do have a lot of the people’s money!


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