MomPreneur: 7 Sites You Have to Visit

No matter if you have had a business for 10 years or just thinking about wanting to start a business there is one thing for sure, you ALWAYS need to learn more! I love reading business books, self help books and all sorts of internet sites and blogs. Below is a list of sites that you have to visit.

Your Motivation

This is your starting point, this is why you are starting a business, this is why you are thinking about it, and these two guys will get your head going in the right direction. They will get your MIND RIGHT and you will be put on the right track going the right direction. These two guys will INSPIRE you if nothing else!


What: Simon Sinek has a blog and a book all about finding your WHY.

Why: So why read his blog or book….. It will change the way you think about business and life. Just go learn about him.


What: Jack Canfield is the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He has written many other peoples and we also coaches businesses.

Why: His book Success Principles is an awesome read for you to be successful. He talks a lot about trying to improve yourself mentally. He is a great motivator!

What: It is a community and resource website for all moms that are entrepreneurs.

Why: It doesn’t lack resources! You could stay on that site for hours and not come close to viewing all the great articles and blogs from them.


What: This is the place to start your business, LLC, INC, etc.

Why: It is a lot cheaper to go through them than to get an attorney. That is the simple answer!


What: Alexis has become a big name in the blogosphere, she talks a lot about the legal side of things in business.

Why: She has been on several T.V programs, she has tons of videos on her site and great stuff on her site.


There are two sites I am going to recommend to you if you are wanting to start blogging or if you are currently blogging but want to grow your site. First of as a blogger and very new to this there is soooo much information out on the web about blogging, ways to make money off blogging and so forth. It absolutely gets dizzying and bit over whelming on just how much information there is. On top of that who am I suppose to listen to? The two sites I am going to share with you I spend endless amounts of time on them and  read endless amounts of posts on them as well. I also try to stick to one site per week.


If you are a blogger, wanna be blogger or just use the internet to make money this is the guy you have to read. I personally go on his site everyday and learn about something new in the blogging sphere.


You will improve your blog writing, the way you monetize your blog, get traffic to your site, and all sorts of other things that will improve your blog. He is a must read and on top of that he has great guest bloggers.


This site is a little more focused on the content that you will be posting on the your blog. Tons and tons of tips to not only write better content but also what content will people read, how to get search engines to find your articles, etc.


These guys are experts on blogging. Brian Clark founded the site in 2006 and it has exploded since than. Gotta read this blog if you haven’t already!

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  1. My favorite is Jack Canfield. Chicken Soup for the Soul is one of my favorites.

  2. @Linda, if you haven’t read Success Principles by Jack Canfield, put that on your list of reads!