Template vs. Content


One of my first jobs I wanted to do at Baby Blog Addict was to lower the “bounce rate” and to get all you viewers to stay longer. So what is it exactly that makes people stay on a baby blog like ours or really any blog for that matter. How do you get people to keep coming back? We know a lot of our readers are bloggers and I hope this can help.

The question I kept asking myself was how focused should we be on the content versus improving the template?

Content Won

My answer to myself…… CONTENT always and I mean always wins! That is how you get a loyal following and a great community of readers. That is what we started with to get BBA readers back. Luckily we have a great family that was willing to put time and effort into this blog.  Amy and Alison have both been contributing their insights and if you haven’t read Ali’s Gestational Diabetes or Amy’s I Peed in My Pampers you should.

Template (Runner Up)

I am a very visual person and I love easy to navigate websites. And I am assuming everybody loves easy to navigate sites. That is one of the reasons we have changed our framework and template to StudioPress. There are so many great posts on BBA that are not easily found from the homepage. We are still working hard to customize the template so you will be able to find different articles very easily.

Is your blog easy to read? Can you find old articles fast?

So many blogs (ours included) out there have awesome articles to read but its trying to sift through what you don’t want to read to find that one you want to read that is chaotic.

So what is the answer…. What I do is go find popular blogs, on any topic and see exactly what they are doing and take bits and pieces of their ideas.

Content or template, template or content…… The true answer is YOU BETTER BE IMPROVING BOTH!

Happy Blogging

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