Are You a MomPRENEUR?

We are going to be back at it again helping you, the mom entrepreneur, or what we like to say Mompreneur. BBA will be doing the following two things the next month or so….


Are you a blogger? Are you creating a baby product, mom product, or starting a new business? We want to hear from you and you will be able to have a spot light post about you and your new adventure.


We will be posting places on the web that are great resources for you to educate yourself. We will cover several different topics and be having some Q&A’s with some MOMpreneurs.


We want this to be interactive, don’t be afraid to comment on a spotlight, give advice, seek advice, etc. We only ask you to be constructive with your advice and try to be as positive as you can.

So for the next couple of weeks we will be looking for those MOMpreneurs! If you have someone in mind, send them our way. If it is YOU, please email us.

Send us an email at, we want to hear your adventure!

***********MomPRENEUR SERIES**********

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