I Peed In My Pampers


I awoke on the morning of Feb. 24th experiencing a familiar sensation…”Braxton Hicks” contractions (false labor contractions).  These contractions were occasionally mildly painful although usually more annoying than anything.  I had been having these contractions since I began the third trimester and was fully aware that they pretty much meant, well….nothing.  I can honestly say that the past few weeks had been filled with many false alarms so I was not about to panic about them this time.

Anthony and I had been planning a quick trip to Phoenix for the weekend to do dinner with the family and visit with some friends.  Our plans had not swayed with the onset of these “Braxton Hicks” contractions.  “We’re fine…”  I told him when he questioned the idea of making the hour and a half drive.  “I am not due for 9 more days and the doctor did not say not to travel.”  I reassured him.  So we packed our things and headed out of town.

About half way into the drive the traffic began slowing as we realized that our hour and a half drive was about to be elongated by an accident a few miles ahead.  At this time the false labor contractions had subsided and I was sitting comfortably in the passenger seat with my feet on the dashboard.  The only minor discomfort I was experiencing, as most pregnant women would agree, would be the constant urge to pee.

We progressed slowly down the freeway which was saturated with cars at a speed similar to my very pregnant slow walk.  Anthony and I were filled with a mild frustration, which was also slowly progressing.  After a few minutes we realized that the cars were no longer moving.  “Must have been a big accident…I think they have closed the freeway.”  Anthony suggested, as I remembered that I had to pee and if I didn’t go soon there would be a different kind of “big accident” occurring.

A half an hour crept by as we sat completely stopped.  My urge to pee became stronger as I finally told Anthony that I had to go and I had to go now.  “My husband is a genius,” I thought as he developed a flawless strategy for me to pee.  “The diaper bag,” was all he said as he looked at me and chuckled.  “C’mon, it would be funny!”  Although embarrassed I happened to agree.  I decided that desperate times called for desperate measures as I grabbed two diapers and strategically placed them under my behind, with my pants down to my knees and a small blanket to cover the tops of my legs.  I began laughing as I felt some instant relief and emptied my bladder onto the diapers that were not intended for “my” use.

A feeling of horror and embarrassment swept over me as I noticed the man in the vehicle in front of us had stepped out of his car and was heading towards our car.  I looked at Anthony as we both laughed as we realized that the guy was at the driver’s side window knocking at the glass.  My pants were at my knees and I had a mere baby blanket barely covering the tops of my legs.  “You have to get rid of him!”  I begged Anthony as he rolled down the window.  Anthony chatted with the man for a few seconds as I began to laugh uncontrollably.  The guy gave me a strange look and continued to chat with Anthony about something irrelevant.  My laughter was at a point of hysteria as Anthony also tried to fight the urge to laugh and continued to hold a conversation with the gentleman.  Tears poured out of my eyes as I felt something cool between my legs.  A gush…then I felt it again as if a water balloon had popped between my legs…gush…then again…..gush.  It felt as though pitcher of fluid came out and…gush there was more.  My laughter had continued as I realized that my water had just broken and Anthony was still talking to the man and the man just wouldn’t leave!  Then, gush, more fluid as the man started to wander back to his car…Anthony’s eyes were filled with tears as he laughed as the guy walked away.

I explained to Anthony that my water had broken and the mood went from a laughing frenzy to a panic frenzy.  We were stopped in traffic in the middle of nowhere!!  Anthony called an ambulance and several minutes later they were there and traffic was beginning to move again.  We decided that since I was not having contractions and that traffic was moving we would attempt to drive ourselves to the hospital.  The paramedic on scene knew Anthony and suggested to follow us until traffic cleared so that if we had gotten stopped again they would be right behind us to help.  The plan was flawless and traffic cleared perfectly as Anthony and I drove into town.

I was still pain free as we decided we had enough time to make it to Banner Desert.  My step dad is an OBGYN and at the time was chairman of the OB department at Banner Desert and had a bed ready for me there.  We arrived to the hospital and I was put in the “Princess Suite” for VIP treatment as the nurses told me.  I was embarrassed as I did not want any special attention.  The nurses insisted and I did not argue as I was grateful to be in good care.

I was not in labor yet, the doctor informed me although I would need to be induced.  Fourteen hours later I was holding a slimy, wiggly, adorable, little baby.  She was 6 lbs 9 oz, when she was born at 7:30 am on Feb. 25th 2007.  My little miracle decided to join us a little early, but came with a funny story and an experience of a life time.  She is perfect.  She looks just like her daddy, but with a full head of chestnut brown hair…Sorry Anthony (my baldy).


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  1. Amy, I love hearing this story, and it never ever gets old! So glad you shared it with everyone!

  2. Wow, Amy that is such a great story! It never gets old hearing how are loved ones come into this world. Congrats.