Gestational Diabetes Confirmed

See my last blog at Gestational Diabetes.  Now, see how my week finished up.

My roller coaster of a week wasn’t done.  A few days later, I went in to take my 3 hour glucose test, the test that is supposed to clear me of any concerns, and just act as the blessing of being a wake up call for my husband and I to live a more balanced life, a reminder to eat healthy, exercise, and cut back on work, as hard as that was for me.

I get to my test and text my husband as I’m in the waiting room at the lab, when he surprises me and tells me he’s coming to keep me company for those 3 hours.  What an amazing husband!  He has an incredibly family focused, supportive boss, who we are so thankful for!  So, we sit there for 3 hours counting down my 4 blood draws, waiting to get through this phase, and then wait for the results.  This was Wednesday.

Thursday morning I wake up, start getting ready for work, and then it hits, I can’t move.  I’m stuck.  I have shooting pains through my pelvis and both thighs and I can’t move.  I call to my husband from the closet and he carries me out to the bed.  I immediately call my dad in tears asking what to do and he tells me that while it’s probably some normal pregnancy pains, I do need to call my doctor.  So, after all is said and done, my doctor determined that my son’s head is low in my pelvis, hitting two nerves, and sending shooting pains through my body.  He confirms that I’m not in early labor, nothing is progressing, and sends me home for a day of rest.

Remember I said roller coaster?  Well, here’s the up!  Thursday was also the big day for my husband’s brother and his wife.  They are also expecting their first and are due 3 months after us.  They were having their big ultrasound, and finding out if our son was going to have a little boy cousin, or girl.  It’s a boy!  We’re so excited for them!  A healthy little boy!  Two little boy cousins growing up together in the same neighborhood, going to the same school, riding bikes together, playing sports together, we can’t wait!!!  What exciting news for the family!

Then, Friday afternoon, the news came.  I had failed my 3 hour test, and do in fact have gestational diabetes.  I am shocked!  My husband is shocked!  What does this mean?  Here’s all I know – I have to take a class next week to learn about my new diet, how to test my blood sugar throughout the day, and how to best manage this with diet and exercise in hopes of avoiding the need for any medication or insulin to manage this.  So until then, I’m to cut back on sugars, sweets, and carbs.  And keep exercising.

As I learn more, so will you.

Thanks for following me on this journey,


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About Alison

I’m a working wife, about to become a mother for the first time. Career has always been number one in my life, but everything’s about to change. I look forward to sharing some survival tips for working moms in Corporate America as I stop with the 60 hour work weeks. Until then, I enjoy sharing my story about my pregnancy, and soon … life with a newborn!


  1. Hey Ali, I’m so sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. At least you were fortunate to find out about it now than later when it could have become a very bad situation.

  2. Thanks Jessica. We are so very fortunate to have this diagnosed so that we can monitor it closely and make sure we do the best possible things for our son to mitigate any risks we can.

  3. Hey Ali,
    Sorry about your rough week! Just so you know, I started a low carb/low sugar diet yesterday! I have completely cut out high fructose corn syrup. (It is in everything!!!) It isn’t bad so far…I see patients with adult onset diabetes and I see all of the negative effects it has on your body. I don’t want to get diabetes when I get older, so this is my attempt at preventing it. I think my mom is going to try it too! So at least you know that Beth and I are trying to watch our sugar too. We are here for you and hang in there.

  4. Hi Ali!
    I’m sorry that your tests came back positive. But, it’s not the worst thing in the world either. I had gestational diabetes as well with my second daughter and while it was alarming for sure, it forced me to eat healthy for myself and my daughter, not only during the pregancy but today as well. My eating habits have completely changed because of that one experience. I was lucky to have the best medical professionals taking care of us (your dad, Beth and my mom who is an obgn nurse) and they helped me during the whole process.
    Hang in there. It will be over before you know it and you will soon be holding your healthy baby boy :)
    Thanks for sharing this.


  5. Amy – Thank you so much. Having support of your family is so important to maintaining changes. I’ve watched contestants on The Biggest Loser elminate the effects of diabetes by diet and exercise and it’s been so eye opening to watch how closely my blood sugar levels are effected by the amount of exercise I get, and exactly what I eat.

  6. Tanya –

    Thank you for your encouragement! I am looking forward to finding some food options that will work long term for me. Bringing up our son in a more healthy environment is a win-win for the whole family! Starting him at an early age, and right away, will only make it that much easier. This has definitely opened my eyes and I’m determined to take the very best things that I learn to help me create a healthy lifestyle for my family for years to come!