Gestational Diabetes….What?!?

Hi!  I’m Ali, Ed’s daughter, Ed and Beth’s oldest, and pregnant with my first.  I’ll be a guest blogger on this site and look forward to sharing my final 10 weeks of pregnancy with you, along with my first impressions of motherhood.

The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Let me just start by saying that I’m not that crazy emotional pregnant woman!  I’m an emotional person by nature (my mother calls it compassionate) but pregnancy has made me much more mellow and calm than I was the 12 months of trying to conceive.  My husband will attest to that.

A week ago, I found out I failed my 1 hour glucose test, which quite honestly brought shock waves to my husband and I.  We’re relatively young (early thirties), pretty healthy and never expected this.  So, we did what any young, technology savvy couple does, scour the internet for information on gestational diabetes, scare ourselves silly, talk to friends and then talk to family.

We have a unique situation, my dad’s been an OBGYN for the past 25+ years of my life so both my husband and I call him, separately to get each of our questions answered in our own way.  Then, my husband and I sit down to talk, or rather my husband talks and I listen.  I’m a career driven woman, and have been working 50-60 hours a week lately managing a Finance and Accounting department for a growing pharmaceutical company.  I don’t exactly have the energy at the end of a week like that for things like walking or making a healthy dinner.  It’s more like couch time and fast food.

Well, as my husband told me, all of that was about to change.  I was going to walk into my boss’s office and tell her that I’d be cutting back at work, working 40-45 hours in the office, coming home to exercise and eat healthy, and then get back online and finish up any deliverables after that.  She and the rest of the senior management team were extremely supportive, and being parents themselves, showed a ton of compassion and support in my effort to get healthy, given my recent scare with the glucose test.  Taking care of my unborn son needs to be my first priority, period.  So, I started leaving the office by 5 or 6 each night, coming home to walk 1-2 miles a night and cooking dinner at home.

Things were going to be okay.  My scores on the first test weren’t that high.  As my dad put it, the chances were slim that I actually had gestational diabetes, but my scores were outside the normal range, so it was possible, and that’s why the next test. All my friends that had failed their 1 hour test ended up passing their 3 hour test, no problem. Granted, I had to go actually take the 3 hour test, but that was going to be more of a hassle than anything else, right?

Stay tuned to see if I actually have gestational diabetes….

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About Alison

I’m a working wife, about to become a mother for the first time. Career has always been number one in my life, but everything’s about to change. I look forward to sharing some survival tips for working moms in Corporate America as I stop with the 60 hour work weeks. Until then, I enjoy sharing my story about my pregnancy, and soon … life with a newborn!


  1. Hang in there Alison. I know that even if you do have gestational diabetes that everything will be okay. You are one of the strongest women I have met. Not only that, you accomplish anything you put your mind to. I am proud of you. Your hard work and devotion to your child will prevail. I can’t wait to meet my nephew, finally!!!

  2. Thanks Amy! We are definitely excited to bring our son into this world and give Rhyan a little cousin! We are certainly dedicated to doing the right thing and helping give him the best chance possible for a healthy rest of this pregnancy!