10 Things I Did When My Baby Was Crying

As my family and friends know my daughter is now close to 4 years old. At this age the tears still exist,
but usually for different reasons than as infancy. But, when I reflect on the earlier days of motherhood,
and try to give my friends with new babies advice I look back at the 10 things I liked to do when she was

1. Search baby for any major injuries (any body part bruised, bloody or absent are definite signs of


2. Troubleshoot: feed baby, burp baby, and change baby diaper.

3. Inspect baby thermoregulation system (too many blankets, not enough blankets) then fix as


4. Follow R.S.B method (Rock, Sway, Bounce) and don’t think of stopping R.S.B. method…EVER!

5. Sing “Why Are You Crying?” (A self written lullaby), while I cry, maintaining continuous R.S.B.

6. Wish you didn’t throw away binky.

7. Consume alcoholic beverage and repeat.

8. Put baby in crib, hide in bathroom.

9. Really wish you didn’t throw away damn binky.

10. Start back at number 1.

I managed to survive, as did my baby. Like I said before, she is almost four now. Hope this helps you all,
as it has helped me! Good luck.


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