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What are the most popular baby names out there? What is it that makes you say “THAT IS IT”? Does it have to be original? Do you tell people your baby name ideas? Does the guy have any say? The babies name is such a mysterious journey both parents, friends and family will go through. To this day I am not quite sure why names stick. I keep asking myself, doesn’t the kid make the name? The name doesn’t make the kid!  One day I will have my twisting mysterious journey through hundreds of names to find that ONE that will be the name of my kid.

Here are the names that I like, that most likely my future wife will not…..

Girl Names

1. Kylee Even though the first thing that comes to my head when I say this name is a friend of mine back in middle school, but I still love the name.

2. Kylyn Don’t ask why I love the “Ky” but I just do. I almost feel as if there is a little Hawaiian in it.

3. Abbey (not Abigail) This name has grown on me, I use to not really like it at all but I just visualize a happy kid with that name.

4. Madison I feel like this name is a little more popular name now a days, but I just have to remember the kid makes the name!

5. Olivia Ever since I was a little kid I wanted this name for my girl, but it slowly has dropped to my 5th place spot!

Boy Names

1. Wesley I have always liked this name and I especially like the nickname Wes.  Top name for me, I can’t be persuaded otherwise!

2. Max

3. Jack Both those names are actually more like 10th and 11th, because Wesley is from 1-9!

I would love to hear all about your mysterious journey that you took to find that baby name!

-Andrew   (Now I am thinking what it took my parents to get to that name)

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